Commercial Products

Commercial Products
Commercial Legal
Legal disputes can arise in even the best run businesses which can have substantial cost in terms of both time and money. This product allows businesses to pursue their rights and defend their position in a range of business related scenarios. The policy is designed to suit all business needs from a small business with a turnover of up to £250,000 to a large business with a turnover of up to £10m. Cover provided includes:
  • Free Legal Advice Service
  • Employment Disputes
  • Financial Compensation Awards
  • Service Occupancy
  • Legal Defence
  • Property Protection
  • Bodily Injury
  • Tax Protection
  • Contract Disputes
  • Debt Recovery

Commercial Property Excess Protect
This cover will reimburse any excess the client has had to pay when making a claim on their core Commercial Property Insurance Policy

Business Excess Protect
Our Business Excess Protect Cover will reimburse any excess your customers are responsible for following the successful settlement of a valid claim under their Commercial Insurance Policy.