Motor Products

Motor Products
Replacement Vehicle
Most insurance companies will only provide a small courtesy car when your client’s vehicle is being repaired as a result of an accident.

Our product will provide your client a hire vehicle in the event their vehicle is undriveable or being repaired following a single road traffic collision, fire, malicious damage, theft or attempted theft.

All vehicles are fully serviced, less than 3 years old and will be of the same vehicle group or higher. 

The hire periods we can offer are 7, 14, 21 or 28 days and we can provide a range of vehicle classes:

•    Class A (Supermini)
•    Class E (Family Saloon)
•    Prestige
•    Small Van
•    Transit
•    MPV
•    Minibus (Up To 15 Seats)
•    Taxi
•    Total Loss Only

Motor Excess Protect
Motor Excess Protection will reimburse the motor insurance excess paid by the client on any claim for physical damage caused to their motor vehicle. Various levels of cover are available and will cover:

•    Cars 
•    Bikes
•    Vans
•    Lorries
•    Taxis
•    Fleet
•    Motor Trade

By having excess protection, the client may be able to increase the excess on their motor policy therefore potentially reducing the premium. 

Tools In Transit
Our Tools in Transit cover can be purchased to complement your client’s existing cover for the tools of their trade. The policy provides cover up to an agreed level of indemnity (£500 - £10,000) in the event that the client’s property is lost, destroyed or damaged when being loaded, carried or unloaded from the client’s vehicle.

Our policy also provides cover for vehicles left unattended for up to 48 hours as well as tools being left in the vehicle overnight.

Goods In Transit
This product is designed to cover the policyholder should there be a Loss, Damage, Theft or Delay in the transportation of any goods which they are insured to transport. Levels of cover range from £10,000 - £75,000.

Key Protection
Protection is designed to provide assistance, protection and peace of mind for the client whose keys are lost, stolen or damaged. There is no excess for the client to pay when making a claim, nor is there a limit to how many claims a client can make (subject to an overall limit of £1500 per year). 
We also offer a fobless option as well as EU Cover. 

Our Breakdown assistance offers your customers the assurance that help is only a phone call away no matter whether it’s during rush hour on the motorway or in the early hours of the morning. It has been designed for the motorists who want to protect themselves against the troubles of motoring. We can provide cover for the following:
•    Car
•    Bike
•    Van (Including Courier)
•    Minibus
•    Taxi
•    Classic Car
•    Multi Car 
•    Homestart
•    Roadside
•    Roadside & Recovery
•    National Cover
•    European Cover

If your client is involved in a motor accident and their vehicle in unfortunately written off, motor insurers will usually only pay out the current market value on the vehicle, regardless of how much shortfall this could leave your client with. This could be several thousand pounds compared to the value of the vehicle when it was purchased due to vehicle depreciation. We will provide reimbursement of any shortfall between the write off payment and the agreed valuation up to a defined amount. 
Our windscreen and glass cover provides indemnity options to insure your client’s windscreen and glass windows in respect of breakage or damage. We will cover any damage to the windscreen that is sufficient to cause the vehicle to fails its MOT test. 

Licence Defence Cover
Licence Defence cover provides motorists with peace of mind that they will have access to specialist legal advice in the event they face a motor prosecution. It helps to dispute fines and penalties, challenge cases wrongly brought against motorists, and secure professional representation in court.

Clients will have access to a helpline operated by motoring law experts and up to £25,000 of cover for any one claim’s legal fees.

Personal Accident
We can offer a Personal Accident product for either £20,000 Level Of Indemnity or a £30,000 Level Of Indemnity aswell as a Driving Instructors Personal Accident Cover.

This product will cover the driver and any passengers in the vehicle should any person suffer a bodily injury or death following an accident or incident of road rage.

Our product will also provide cover for up to 90 days in the EU. 

Gadget Cover
Our gadget cover policy provides you with a valuable enhancement to your product range and will help your clients protect the gadgets they can’t live without. Having gadget cover means your client will not need to claim on a main motor or household policy, keeping any No Claims Discount intact. The policy covers any of the following scenarios:
•    Accidental Damage
•    Theft
•    Accidental Loss
•    Breakdown
•    Liquid Damage
•    Fraudulent Call Cover
•    Malicious Damage

We have covers up to £500, £1,000 & £1,500 and you can make up to 2 claims in any one period of insurance.

Your clients do not need to declare the items they want covered. They just have a chosen level of indemity and will be covered up to that amount per claim.

Taxi & Courier Public Liability
Our Public Liability policy provides cover against liability for injury to third parties and third party properties.

Covers legal liability for damages in respect of accidental:
  • bodily Injury to any person
  • damage to property
  • obstruction, trespass, nuisance or interference
Covers legal liability for damages in respect of wrongful arrest, wrongful detention and false imprisonment.

Covers amounts which you become legally liable to pay for defence of any claim under:
  • The general data protection regulation
  • 2. defective premises act 1972
  • The health and safety at work act 1974
  • The food safety act 1990
In respect of pollution or contamination occurring within the territorial limits caused by a sudden identifiable, unintended and unexpected event.
Various levels of cover available up to £5m.

Driving Instructor Public Liability  
Our Driving Instructor Public Liability policy covers a policyholders business for legal liabilities in the course of running the business.
Covers legal liability for damages in respect of accidental:
  • Bodily injury to any person
  • Damage to property
  • Obstruction, trespass, nuisance
  • Wrongful arrest, wrongful detention, false imprisonment or malicious prosecution
Policy extensions include:
  • Additional activities which are ancillary to the business i.e. exhibitions
  • Cost of court attendance.
  • Breach of data protection and the general data protection act
  • Breach of the defence premises
  • Motor contingent liability
  • Pollution or contamination clean up costs
  • Overseas personal liability
Various levels of cover available up to £5m.

Bicycle Cover
Our Bicycle Cover product covers Accidental Damage, Theft, Breakdown, Personal Accident (up to £10,000), Public Liability (up to £1,000,000) as well as up to £100,000 worth of Legal Expenses.
This product covers bicycles up to 36 months old which are bought and used in the UK, The Isle of Man, Channel Islands, and the Republic of Ireland. Cover is extended to include use of the bicycle anywhere in the world up to a maximum of 60 days in total, in any 12-month period.
There is an excess applicable on all claims which will be 10% of the maximum cover limit of the bicycle.
Optional and Standalone offerings available.