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Privacy Notice


The All Broker Services Limited Privacy Policy applies to anyone that has purchased an insurance policy from one of our registered Broker sales agents or has submitted any personal information to us on the All Broker Services Limited website.

In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation and related UK data protection    legislation, we are committed to protecting the confidentiality and security of the information that we receive.

This Privacy Notice is designed to help you understand how we collect and use your information.

If you give us information about another person, it is your responsibility to ensure and confirm that:

You have told the individual who we are and how we use personal information, as set out in this Privacy Notice and that you have permission from the individual to provide that personal information to us and for us to use it, as set out in this Privacy Notice.

If you have any questions or queries about this policy please contact us.


Who we are


All Broker Services Limited (also referred to in this Notice as ‘we’, ‘us’, or ‘our’) means All Broker Services Limited.

Our Data Manager is, Wayne Dunthorne, Sales Director.


How to contact us:


For any questions or concerns relating to this Privacy Notice or our data protection practices, or to make a subject access or any other request regarding information we hold, please contact us at:

All Broker Services Limited

167 Turners Hill

Tel: 07715 960 706 

Email: Website:


Why we need and how we use your personal information.


We only collect, use and store your information where we have lawful grounds and legitimate business reasons to do so.


It may also be used to verify your identity, to administer payments and to enable us to carry out anti-money laundering and other financial crime checks where required. We may also use it to keep our records up to date, to notify you about changes to our service and to help us develop new products and services.


We collect and use personal information about you to administer your insurance policy throughout its lifecycle. It is in our legitimate interest as we have contracted with various insurers with whom you have an insurance policy


If you do not provide the information required, we will be unable to provide you with our services.


We may monitor calls, emails, text messages and other communication with you. When you contact us we may keep a record of correspondence and any information provided to us.




We do not hold your personal data for the purposes of marketing to you, directly or otherwise.


Nature of personal information


Personal data is any information that may identify a living individual. We collect personal information such as name, contact details, date of birth, financial details, employment details and other personal details depending on the nature of the business provider.


Sharing information


We will only supply your personal information to other parties where such a transfer is a necessary part of the activities that we undertake, where you give us consent or where we are required to do so by law or regulation (e.g. where the disclosure is necessary for the purposes of the prevention and/or detection of crime).


We may therefore share your information with

  • Third Party Administrators for administering the purchase and / or renewal of your policy.
  • Claims Administrators for administering any claim that you have made under your policy.
  • Insurers as part of our contractual obligation to notify them of the risk they are underwriting.
  • Third party national databases as part of our legal obligation
  • Our regulators the Financial Conduct Authority or the Information Commissioner’s Office to aid in the reporting of any complaints.
  • Law enforcement agencies for the prevention and detection of crime

We only share your information if we are satisfied that our partners or suppliers have sufficient measures in place to protect your information in the same way that we do.


We may also disclose personal information to new owners of our business in the event that we are subject to a merger or acquisition. Disclosure may also be made to enable company audits, regulatory inspections or to investigate a complaint, suspicion of fraud or a security threat.


We never share your information outside our organisation for marketing purposes.


You understand that we may disclose the information you provide to relevant other parties for the purposes as described in this Notice.


Transfer of personal data outside the UK


Certain personal information held on our Information Technology systems may be transferred across geographical borders in accordance with applicable law. By providing us with your information, you consent to the collection, international transfer, storage and processing of your information.


These transfers are governed by European Union (EU) standard contractual clauses or equivalent data transfer agreements to protect the security and confidentiality of personal information.


If we have to transfer information to a third country outside the UK/EEA/EU, we will only do so if a similar level of protection applies. If we need to obtain information which is by nature sensitive, we will only do so on the basis that it is in the public interest - for example to fight crime, prevent fraud or to make sure insurance is available.



How long we keep information about you


We will keep your data for as long as is necessary for the purposes for which it was originally collected.


  • The longer of 10 years from the date the last claim on your policy was settled, or seven years after the expiry date of your policy. After this time your information will be securely and confidentially destroyed.


This enables us to help you should there be any issues relating to your policy after its expiry and otherwise meet our legal and regulatory obligations.


Your data protection rights


You have certain legal rights under UK data protection law and regulations, summarised as follows:


  1. The right to be informed about our data processing activities, including through Privacy Notices such as this.
  2. The right of access to the personal information we hold about you. To request a copy of this information you must make a subject access request in writing to us.
  3. The right of rectification. You may ask us to correct any inaccurate or incomplete data within one month.
  4. The right to erasure and to restrict processing. You have the right to have your personal data erased and to prevent processing except where we have legal obligation to process your personal information.
  5. The right to data portability. On your request, we will provide you with your personal data in a structured format.
  6. The right to object. You can object to your personal data being used for profiling, direct marketing or research purposes:


If you want to invoke any of these rights, please write to us:


All Broker Services Limited

167 Turners Hill



Withdrawal of consent


Where you have provided your specific consent to the use of personal data, you may withdraw that consent by contacting us:

All Broker Services Limited

167 Turners Hill



How to make a complaint


If you wish to make a complaint about how we hold or use your data, please contact us:

All Broker Services Limited

167 Turners Hill

Tel: 07946 750 105



If you are dissatisfied with how we deal with your complaint, you may contact the Information

Commissioner’s Office:

The Information Commissioner

Wycliffe House

Water Lane




Tel: 0845630 60 60



Information from other sources


We may use legal public sources such as the electoral roll and other third-party sources such as credit reference agencies to obtain information about you, for example to verify your identity or check your credit history.


We also obtain information about you from credit reference agencies and similar third parties. Some personal information may be provided to us by third parties such as insurance companies, other insurance intermediaries and motor vehicle licensing authorities. In some cases, you will have previously submitted your personal information to them and given them approval to pass this information on for certain purposes.


Such information will only be obtained from reputable sources which operate in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation.


We and/or other parties may use your information for purposes such as statistical and trend research and analysis which may include computerised processes which profile you. Automatic profiling help us understand, predict and forecast customer preferences and to improve the products and services we offer and to assess which products might be most suitable for you.



Changes to this Privacy Notice


This Privacy Notice was last updated in February 2023. All Broker Services Limited may amend or update this Privacy Notice at any time to comply with legal requirements. If necessary, you may be notified of changes. Your contact details (as previously described) would be used for this purpose, based on the legal basis of compliance with legal obligations or legitimate interests (or both as relevant).


February 2023